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Web Crew
2 months ago
Prattle.Space will be closed in November 2024 due to lack of interest! We would like to thank everyone who was enthusiastic about our volunteer project.

If you are interested in purchasing the software, please do so by writing to Andreas - Email: palareasgmail.de

Thank you 😊
Web Crew
10 months ago (E)
Do you need some #awesome #Web or #SEO #Tools for example #converters , #calculators or #utilities for your #creative projects and they should be free, no costs at all?

Here you go 😍🙌

Web Crew
10 months ago (E)
#creative #art #artist #becreative #showyourart #crafting #Hobby

What you can make beautiful out of plastic waste, old newspapers and some cement.

Table lamp making || Plastic bottle Corner Flower vase || Lighting lamp making - YouTube

Lighting lamp with corner Flower vase making at home, Plaster flower vase,Pottery makingSubscribe to our channel now to get great videos. Click the link belo...

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