When will there be a detailed FAQ?
We are working hard on a good FAQ. However, we want to draw on the experiences of our users and that is why we are taking our time with this.
But what if I have a really urgent question?
Of course, if it's really important, we won't let you down. In this case you can contact @andreas https://prattle.space/Andreas or write an email to info@prattle.space - we will answer as soon as possible.
I want to support Prattle financially, how is that possible?
We're glad you're asking about it, because funds are always scarce, so far we've paid for everything out of our own pockets. It is possible to donate, please go to our Ko-Fi profile there you will find an option to donate. Net-Twin.de and Prattle.Space belong together. Both are provided by us on a voluntary basis. To donate please visit: https://ko-fi.com/nettwin Thank you very very much.
How do I get news about Prattle?
It is best if you become a follower of @andreas our Prattle administrator. He keeps you up to date on all important innovations. Visit his profile at: https://prattle.space/Andreas Thank you very very much.