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29 days ago
What really shocked me today, I'm #German and today when I was sitting on the train, some school kids were talking and one said to the other, now I know why Hitler did this #Holocaust with the #Jews , because these Jews are really evil people look what they do with #Gaza children. You can perhaps imagine how much it shocked me to hear something like that from maybe eight-year-old children, and especially as a German in Germany, because of our #horrible acts against the Jews in #WWII .
Web Crew
1 month ago
#Bundestag #DieAmpel #Germany #Regierung #Scholz

Hier die Fakten die ein Rentner in einer Talkshow in Form einer Frage an unserer Bundeskanzler Scholz gerichtet hat. Er k├Ânnte damit nicht richtiger liegen, vielen Dank.
Web Crew
5 months ago
#France held a major military exercise because of the war in #Ukraine .

#Germany maybe cant launch a major military exercise anymore because we gave our last working equiment away - so if the Russians are coming we have to beat em with wooden clubs and pitchforks or we hit them with the chopped off cheese feet of #corrupt politicians, because we actually have them in abundance.

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