Web Crew
9 months ago
It is important that we have #alternatives who can act freely and #self -determinedly.

For this reason, #Prattle .Space is run on a voluntary basis, nobody can #blackmail us to falsify opinions.

We will not be silenced, because #freedomofspeech is a fundamental right!

The platform is still young and that's why every new registered person counts to make us better known - so please register and help.
Web Crew
1 yr. ago
I bought a #CO² rifle made in #China called #QB78 . It is a .22 or 5,5mm #airgun and it is for my opinion one of the best entry level CO² guns on the market. I did some tuning and made a #hunting #carbine out of it: 😜

QB78 Hunting Carbine - Total Conversion - YouTube

In this video (sorry for the lousy quality - I ordered better lighting and camera equipment) I show you what you can do with a little effort out of an origin...

Web Crew
1 yr. ago
Do you like the #airgun hobby as much as I do? My first two airguns were a Crossman 2240, which I optically rebuilt into an FN SCAR L and then an ingenious #Chinese air rifle, namely the #QB78 - in my #opinion the best of the inexpensive entry-level #CO² rifles on the market. Look what I made of it:

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