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Web Crew
11 days ago
Prattle.Space will be closed in November 2024 due to lack of interest! We would like to thank everyone who was enthusiastic about our volunteer project.

If you are interested in purchasing the software, please do so by writing to Andreas - Email: palareasgmail.de

Thank you 😊
Web Crew
8 months ago
Did you know that we at Prattle-Space also have a detailed data #API ? So, just like #Twitter , you can create your own aps using our API.
Web Crew
10 months ago
Wir bieten Prattle im Übrigen in 6 verschiedenen Sprachen an, darunter auch Deutsch. Dazu musst Du nur auf der Rechten Seite ganz runter scrollen und dort Deine Sprache wählen.
Web Crew
10 months ago
Who thinks these blocks on #Twitter are completely #exaggerated because, for example, you have given too many likes and will be punished for 3 days with the like function revoked etc.

If I like something then I just give a like and I don't count how many more I can give . They should be happy that people are still so social and want to give likes!

Come to us prattle.space, there are no such stupid #barriers !
Web Crew
10 months ago
Don't you agree that normal private individuals without a legal background shouldn't decide what #hatespeech is or not?

Unfortunately, this is quite normal with #Twitter , #Facebook , etc., because all of these platforms can be #blackmailed because they are commercial companies that can then of course be blackmailed by countries or secret services with threats of financial losses.

For this reason Prattle.Space is only #voluntary , we pay everything out of our own pockets.
Web Crew
10 months ago
Schnappt Euch Eure #Freunde und Bekannten und ladet sie alle hier her zu uns ein. Prattle bietet gegenüber #Twitter den wirklich großen Vorteil, dass wir eine ehrenamtliche Plattform sind. Wir müssen also keinen Aktionären Rechenschaft ablegen wenn ein Land von uns möchte, dass wir die Meinungsfreiheit aufgeben und Privatpersonen darüber entscheiden was Recht oder #Hassrede ist.
Web Crew
11 months ago
It is important that we have #alternatives who can act freely and #self -determinedly.

For this reason, #Prattle .Space is run on a voluntary basis, nobody can #blackmail us to falsify opinions.

We will not be silenced, because #freedomofspeech is a fundamental right!

The platform is still young and that's why every new registered person counts to make us better known - so please register and help.
Web Crew
12 months ago
Here is a tutorial made with "Scribe" which is a free to use Chrome Browser extension. Check it out 😎

Web Crew
1 yr. ago
Twitter vs Prattle
- Prattle is no buddy of the CIA
- Prattle runs under secure German privacy laws
- Prattle is cool Twitter just pure commerce
- Prattle is free of Musk
- Prattle is volunteer based
Join us its FREE
Web Crew
1 yr. ago (E)
😊 #prattle_info #admin_note Hallo Prattle Friends, we would like to inform you that we, like most other social networks, have limited all media uploads (images, videos, etc.) to at most 48 megabytes per file. The reason for this is that there are some who visit Prattle via smartphone or tablet and smaller files load faster. The user experience is therefore also more pleasant for mobile visitors. 👍

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