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2 months ago
Prattle.Space will be closed in November 2024 due to lack of interest! We would like to thank everyone who was enthusiastic about our volunteer project.

If you are interested in purchasing the software, please do so by writing to Andreas - Email: palareasgmail.de

Thank you 😊
Web Crew
9 months ago
Especially for #beginners and #career changers it is sometimes difficult to find the right tools and #software that has proven itself and is a bit better than the many other nice tools offered on the Internet. That's why I've put together a little collection for you here. My top 10 #graphic #design tools for the year #2023 - here we go:

Web Crew
1 yr. ago
#Asylrecht #Lindner #Tagesschau #Boycott60Minutes #Ampel #AprilFoolsDay2023

2019 sind nach Zahlen des #Mikrozensus 21,2 Millionen Menschen in #Deutschland mit #Migrationshintergrund was 26 % der Bevölkerung Deutschlands entspricht.

Bis aktuell 2023 sind diese Zahlen noch einmal massiv angestiegen, da nun auch der ganze Familiennachzug und alle Ukraine Flüchtlinge angekommen sind!

Das ist kein #Aprilscherz - wir sterben aus!
Web Crew
1 yr. ago
Do you want the coming #LordOfTheRings #game as much as I do? Its already on my #wishlist together with #STALKER2 . What about you, whats your most wanted games for #2023 ?


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