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Jump right in and become a essential user of our cheeky Twitter alternative - we don't tweet, we prattle. Create posts with up to 500 characters, which can still be edited after saving - no more annoying restarts due to small mistakes.

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Important Info

We have switched off all features that cost money or can be used commercially because we don't want to be blackmailed by countries or secret services for economic reasons. Freedom of speech is worth more than all the money in the world. Our voluntary service can only be supported by donations and we know we can count on our members, because we know that freedom is important to them too.

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Share Your Thoughts

Share your interests, news or opinion with others. Any content is good content as long as it is not illegal or offensive! Use the full power of 500 characters per post.

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Support Our Freedome

Freedom of expression is the highest good - a goal that others had to give up for commercial reasons - Prattle is a none commercial, voluntary platform!

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Make Us Known

Invite friends and acquaintances to join us, the more the merrier. By the way, our community is fully mobile-optimized, so you can also use our site with your smartphone's browser.

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Our community grows with every new user. Become a part of our little revolution and prattle like a pro. A simple click on the Twitter button is enough to register.